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Want to Partner with JollybuyerINC ?

Dec 3, 2023

Legal Authorization

Since JollybuyerINC is the manufacturer and supplier of Gifts, Souvenirs and pet products to all over the world with the competitive prices and OEM services. Jollybuyer Inc owns three brands: ANNGOTI, OEELINN and POMPOM TAIL,The brands are registered and copyrighted in America, so if there are parties interested in seeking our brand authorization in any country we highly welcome you and looking forward to facilitate you with our platform’s services and tools. You can write to us in this regard and we will assist you in the meantime and discuss all the terms and conditions in detail.


Since our prices are based on direct factory and support small order which means that those who are in drop-shopping businesses can benefit from our prices and services. We can facilitate you with the worldwide delivery of the products and you don’t need to store the inventory. We have multiple courier services for different regions so the orders are shipped out and reach the customers in minimum time. In addition, products can also be customized according to the customers’ demands and our service team will be there to facilitate you round the clock.


Internet celebrities or marketing influencers who would like to partner with us and promote our brand in specific regions will be compensated in multiple ways. You can utilize your promotional sources and market our brands by any legal mean and earn from our platform. You can reach us by any mean mentioned on our contact page and our representative will respond to you and share all the details of this program.


In addition to the above programs, you can also represent our brand in your home country though we have representatives in some states of the United States but still if you are interested in representing our products we are glad to hear from you regarding this opportunity. Not only in USA but also from other parts of the world, you can represent our brand in expos, local markets, online, to wholesalers and retailers.

JollybuyerINC is ready to make a difference in the international market with the innovative, quality and affordable products.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask us or visit our Contact page and reach us in any other way convenient for you. 

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